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 Terms and Conditions

 This agreement is a contractual arrangement Between Company and "Guests" for property usage specifically to the performance by the "Occupant(s)"  herein referred to as "Client", "Occupant", "Customer" or "Guest" regarding the  the "Subject Property" which is commonly known as Property 338. The terms "we", "us", "Company" , "Property Manager" , "Landlord" and "Lessor" refers to Company and or "Property Owners as a collective group", and "You", "Guest", "Lessee", "Customer" refers to the person(s) arranging usage through our website, or indirectly through any of our affiliates through whom we provide services. All reservations you book through us are subject to the following terms, conditions and notices as they exist at the time the reservation is made. Management Company reserves the right to change these terms, conditions and notices and you agree to accept and be bound by those terms,conditions, and notices that are in effect at the time of your use of the "Subject Property".

This website is a marketing, advertising and homesharing platform, and does not process any financial transactions directly. All financial transactions are between fully vetted owners (advertisers) and guests.

1.) TERM 

Will be specified in the lease agreement which will be sent via email.

 1. "Incidental Damages" and or "Nuisances" To "Subject Property".
 2. Gas, Electric and Water usage above the average daily usage amount will be charged to the Guest credit card on file.
 3. The 'Towel Service Policy' requires the Client to launder ALL towels with laundry soap and softener upon Departure. Failure to launder ALL the towels shall result in an additional 50.00 charge to the client.


 The Real Estate Agent in this transaction is: {AGENTNAME}  (See Special Note in section 4.)
 The Real Estate Broker is: {BROKERNAME}  (See Special Note in section 4.)

 The Company, officer(s), agent(s) and Broker may have an ownership interest in the 'subject property'. 

Special Note: Applicable to the  following properties listed below, There will be  NO representation by Broker and or Agent due to an ownership interest by Real Estate Company and or principals.   ID 10730, ID 3713, ID 227599, ID 10045, ID 7140, ID 3715, ID 6480, ID 3708,  ID616, ID 4650, ID 204218, ID 3717, ID 2755.

 The name and phone number of the party who will handle maintenance or essential services emergencies on behalf of the LANDLORD is Pete Anello 702-260-7113


The Property is equipped with a smoke detection device(s). Customer agrees to inform Company if detector(s) are not working properly and or are missing.


 Should the Premises described herein be a part of a common interest community, homeowners association, planned unit development, condominium development or such, "Occupant" hereby agrees to abide by the Governing Documents and Management Company and or owner agree to m ake these documents available via an online format . 


 "Occupant" (is not) required to purchase renter's insurance. Landlord and LANDLORD and or BROKER shall not be liable for any damage or injury to TENANT, or any other person, to any property occurring on the Premises or any part thereof, or in common areas thereof. TENANT agrees to indemnify, defend and hold LANDLORD harmless from anyclaims for damages. TENANT understands that LANDLORD's insurance does not cover TENANT'S personal property. Even if it is not a requirement of this Agreement,TENANT understands that LANDLORD highly recommends that TENANT purchase renter's insurance.


Lessee and lessor agree to accept the Management Companies decisions as final decisions on the validity, accuracy, determination and responsibility of illegal activities, utility charges, damages and or any additional charges or fees. 


 The 'initial charge' is nonrefundable after five calendar days from the Initial Reservation Date and or Initial Payment Date. If a thirty one days written notice is given by lessee,'Company' will allow Lessee to change dates subject to availability and pricing differences. Lessee will be responsible for paying any additional costs and or differences due to Lessor if rental rates are greater than original rental rates. The 'initial charge' of shall represent the rental cost for nights one through TBD only. Each night thereafter the 'initial charge' period will be charged at the rate advertised on the cpi-homes.com website. All nights after the 'initial charge' period are fully refundable and will only be charged for actual nights stayed.


 Any tenant who possesses and or downloads any materials which cause an interruption of the internet service by the Internet Service Provider, shall result in a fee of $250.00 per occurrence.


 The customer further agrees to pay all legal and collection fees necessary if a claim is turned over for collection as a consequence of non-payment, payment reversal and or incidental damages. 

Real Estate Division Complaints

Tenant(s) who file a written complaint to the States Real Estate Division and the end result is the Real Estate Division does not issue a monetary fine to the Real Estate Company, Tenant agrees to compensate the Real Estate Company in the amount of 2,000.00 plus  the exact amount of attorney fee’s paid by Real Estate Company to Attorney. 

Legal fee's

In the event of any litigation arising from the breach of this agreement, collection, or the services provided under this agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover from the non-prevailing party all reasonable costs incurred including staff time, court costs, attorneys fees, and all other related expenses incurred in such litigation. Parties further agree to settle all disputes in the district court where the subject property is located.

An additional administration fee of 350.00 dollars will be charged to lessee for each Filed Eviction.

Merchant Charge backs 

Any credit card disputes ("charge backs") which are initiated by the clients bank on behalf of the client without first providing written notification to the Real Estate Company and or owner  of said dispute, shall result in the client being assessed a administrative fee of 250.00 for each "charge back" and a 500.00 administration fee for each "charge back"  where the cardholder is NOT the prevailing party.

Non-Disclosure Agreement
Upon request, the Lessee agrees to execute a non-disclosure agreement regarding  the  terms and conditions of the rental. 

 All lessee's are required to submit a state and or federal issued ID to lessor and the credit card used to secure the reservation to management company prior to occupancy. Failure to provide such documentation shall constitute a breach of this contract and a loss of occupancy. Customer authorizes Lessor to copy identification and take a thumb print of all customers for verification and security purposes.


 You will be given a code to unlock the lock box and or door twenty four hours prior to arrival. Tenant shall be charged an additional fee of $50.00 for all accidental lockouts which require the managment company to unlock.


 A Flat Fee of $80.00 will be charged as a Garbage Removal Fee when five or more bags are present and or for any loose garbage which has been placed in untied plastic bags and or inappropriate containers .


 The total charges for your group will include all nightly room rate charges. Company accepts no responsibility for any actions or omissions of any hotel, airline, car rental company or other travel related company and disclaims liability for actual, incidental, or consequential damages caused by these entities.  Company may book more than one lessee for periods of High Cancellations.


 A single violation by TENANT of any of the provisions of this Agreement shall be deemed a 'Material Breach' and shall be cause for immediate termination of this Agreement and removal of tenant from 'Subject Property'. Unless otherwise provided by the law, proof of any violation of this Agreement shall not require criminal conviction but shall be by a preponderance of the evidence. All parties agree that the final decision of a 'Material Breach' rests with the sole discretion of the 'Property Manager'.


 The Agreement is accepted and agreed to jointly and severally. The parties have read this Agreement and understand and agree to all provisions thereof and further acknowledge that they have received a copy of this Agreement. Parties Further agree that a version of this agreement submitted via the web and or received via email shall be consider a valid execution of the agreement after five calendar days from the 'Initial Payment Date'.


 Tenants are responsible for all damages to umbrellas during tenant stay. The replacement cost of damaged umbrellas will be charged to the tenant. This includes but is not limited to damages caused by tenant misuse and or wind . TENANTS ARE ADVISED TO CLOSE UMBRELLAS WHEN THEY ARE NOT IN USE AND TO REFRAIN FROM USE DURING PERIODS OF HIGH WIND.


 Management Company will make reasonable attempts to accommodate all additional bedding requests based on availability. A flat fee of $50.00 per bed will be charged to tenant for each additional bed and or bedding swap. All Bed Change requests shall be made via email. to the email address in which the contract was sent from.


 If, at any time during the course of the service, there has been any illegal activities orother inappropriate behavior, the Lease shall be terminated and allmoney and or Deposits shall be forfeited to Owner.


 A.)Tenants are required to send an email to cphgsales@gmail.com , text message to 424-260-7113 and or a fax to 702-947-5769 acknowledging arrival and successful entry to subject property. Failure to do so within 1 hour of arrival shall result in the loss of your Security Deposit and an additional charge for the dispatch of the Alarm Company.
 B.) Tenants are required to inform management company via email and or fax (not via phone)of any damages within 24 hours from arrival. Photos and or videos are encouraged to be taken and sent within the first 24 hours. all videos and or pictures sent after may not be considered. Tenant will be responsible for all damages and the actual replacement costs incurred by Owner for all unreported damages including but not limited to cracked cook tops , cracked granite counter tops, broken windows, water damages,drywall holes, Furniture breaks, furniture tears and or stains which aren't reported within the first 24 hours from arrival.


A.) Garbage is required to be bagged and placed in the appropriate area for pick up and or removal.

B.) Towels are to be laundered with laundry soap and fabric softner.

C.) Any other additional requirements which are discussed prior to arrival.

D.) Send an email to cphgsales@gmail.com and or text message to 424-260-7113 no later than 10 minutes from departure. Failure to do so shall result in a loss of the entire security deposit. 



 For security purposes, the promotion of our website and the safety of our guests and their contents, Tenants agrees not to divulge the property address to anyone who is not a party to this lease. Clients further agree not to post any pictures, information, comments and or reviews on any websites. This includes but is not limited to youtube.com, vrbo.com, homeaway.com and or facebook.com. Parties agree that failure to remove such photography, reviews, comments and or the publication of the address shall result in a cost to the Client in the amount of the $2,000.00 per occurrence. Company will give the client 72 hours from written notification to comply to avoid the cost.


 Properties are located within communities that maintain a secluded, tranquil environment for their residents. Quiet time is from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m. Trespassing on the property of another, music/noise that is audible to the neighbors and unlawful activity of any kind will be considered a violation of this agreement and grounds for immediate eviction. Any incident that causes a fine to owner shall be passed on to the tenant and charged to the tenants credit card on file.

 Management Company will charge the tenant a maintenance fee of $100.00 dollars per toilet for all plumbing issues which are remedied by management company with just a plunger.


 NO PETS ARE PERMITTED TO BE ON 'SUBJECT PROPERTY'. Pets are not permitted in the Property. Tenants with pets are advised to place their pet at another facility. The Company nor the Owner of the Property can be held liable for any loss or injury to a pet while staying at the Subject Property, or for any action taken against the pet or pet owner by third parties. In the event that the Tenant brings a pet to the Subject Property, the Management Company may elect to evict the Guest from the Property with loss of all rental money paid and/or levy a charge of at least $100 per room per week to the credit card of the Guest, to pay for additional sanitation and cleaning on the departure of the tenant and pet.

 This notice serves to inform tenants renting in Southern Nevada that the area contains various pest,rodent and insect species (collectively known as 'pests'). The 'pests' include but are not limited to over 23 different types of scorpions including Bark scorpions, black widows, brown recluse, poisonous snakes, termites, rats, mice and others. The existence of 'pests' may vary by season and temperature. All tenants are encouraged not to stay at subject property if tenants are allergic to any of these 'pests' and or are not willing to risk possible encounters and or bites. Lessee assumes all responsibility and agrees to hold owner harmless of any liability due to any pest encounters and or bites. Lessee Beware and proceed at their own risk. Additional pestinfo can be found at http://www.agri.nv.gov


 The pools and spas are cleaned one-time per week. A fee of 25.00 dollars will be charged for additional cleanings requested by tenant. Tenants will be charged an additional fee of 50.00 if they reprogram control systems and or manual filter timers and or remove the floating chlorine dispenser.


 Tenant acknowledges receipt of A Property Inventory Sheet upon arrival Listing all items located and contained at the 'subject property' premises which includes the retail and replacement costs associated with all inventory items. All parties accept these values as the agreed to replacement values to be used in the event of damage and or loss. It is the lessees responsibility to notify property management within 24 hours of any defects and or discrepancies. Tenant assumes all responsibility for any missing items and or damaged items after the first Twenty four hours hours of occupancy. Tenant will be held responsible and shall be billed according to the replacement and or actual cost to replace the broken and or damaged property. All parties agree to allow and give the property manager the sole discretion to determine the responsible party for any missing and or damaged property. It is the tenants responsibility to Follow the check-in requirements listed in section 23 Labeled ' 23.) CHECK IN REQUIREMENTS'.


 All parties agree that if subject property is not cleaned properly according to the tenants vantage point, the Management Company will dispatch additional cleaning people to return to subject property and remedy any and all imperfections and or failure by cleaners. There will not be any credits or refunds due to tenant from owner for cleaning imperfections.



Refunds and or credits of any type will not be given for cleaning and or property deficiencies which dont effect habitability. The agreed to remedy by all parties shall be for the managment company to send (within 24 hours from written notice) vendor(s) back to property in order to remedy said defects.

Property deficiencies and amenities which were advertised and or  not provided upon arrival and check in will not  result in a refund to TENANT unless the property has been vacated.  Tenant(s) is required to give the owner and or management company written notice via email of said defects. Tenant will grant the owner a period of  twenty four hours to comply and or issue a refund for the remainder of the stay. A one night stay will be charged to tenant unless the property has been deemed to be inhabitable.


 The occupancy is restricted to the people listed on the agreement as a 'Lessee' and or 'Guest' only. All others will be trespassing and or subject to additional charges. 'Management Company' reserves the right to bill 'Lessee' an additional fee of $50.00 per night per person and or per vehicle for each occupant and or for each car exceeding the maximum allotment. Motorcycles,Recreation Vehicles and Trailers are Prohibited. Parking in any other area other than the driveway is prohibited.
 The agreed to maximum occupancy is the cumulative total of all the guest(s) and lessee(s ).

There is no Parking in any Public Right of way at any time on any of our rentals. This means you will lose your entire deposit and authorized amount if you park in the front of the subject property on the street.

 THE MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY SHALL BE : The Amount Listed on your lease agreement




The client agrees to pay for any damages or cleaning charges in excess of NORMAL use and wear regardless of who performed damages during the lease period. Clients are responsible for their guest damages without exception! Decisions as to the unusual wear and use of the property rests with the BROKER solely, and his or her experience as to general use of rental properties, and all parties agree the brokers decision are final. Acceptance by the lessee constitutes complete agreement and understanding of the charges shown and the tenants responsibility to return the property in the same condition as when received, and an agreement by client to pay additional charges as determined by broker as consequences of abuse to the property during the time of use. Broker will give tenant an opportunity to dispute the additional charges only if the tenant has photographed the damages within 24 hours upon arrival and communicate said damages via email to cphgsales@gmail.com. If photographs are not communicated in the above stated timeline, client agrees to wave his or her right to dispute the brokers assessment of damages and assessed charges. 


 The 'Subject Property' is not compliant with ADA Standards unless otherwise stated in the additional terms section of this agreement.


 At least one Guests will be required to provide an individual credit card for incidentals to the 'subject property' upon arrival. The total charges for your reservation do not include any extra charges assessed by the Management Company during your stay, including, for example, applicable hotel service fees, charges for optional incidentals (such as mini-bar snacks, additional cleaning, catering or telephone calls) or regulatory surcharges. Management Company will assess these fees, charges and surcharges upon Check Out.


36.) Check In / Check Out / Hold Over
 Check in time is between  2:00 P.M and 4:00 P.M.  on your arrival date. The Check out time is on or before 11:00 AM on the departure date. If lessee holds over and doesn't vacate the 'subject property' on the agreed to date and time, Lessor reserves the right to bill Lessee for the actual damages of the rental loss incurred by lessor. This includes but is not limited to the entire rental amount of the next tenant who is unable to occupy the 'subject property'. A minimum fee of 25% of the daily rate will be charged to tenant for all departures between 11:00 AM and prior to 4:00 PM on the departure date and your security deposit will be forfeited. A minimum charge of the daily rate will be charged after 4:00 PM.


 The lease may be terminated at any time by the lessee by communicating via email TO CPHGSALES@GMAIL.COM and or text to (424) 260-7113. The communication verbiage should be 'I have permanently vacated the property'. The 'Initial Charge(s)' are non-refundable and will not be returned in the event of an early termination of the lease. Your Security Deposit will be forfeited if you fail to terminate your lease via text and or email on or before 11:00 AM on your departure date.


 The Company makes all reasonable efforts to provide advice and safety information. This information can be found at the Property and Management Company. It is the responsibility of the Guest to ensure that they have read and understood the contents and advice given following arrival at the Property. The Company is willing to provide any and all further information pertaining to the Property providing the Guest has first read the agreement. In addition, the Company states the following:

 a.)The Company and/or the Owner do not accept liability for equipment failure and or services in the Property. In the event of failure of equipment, the Guest must notify the Company within one working day such that the Company may elect to effect a remedy to the failure.

 b.)The Company and/or the Owner do not accept liability for lost or stolen personal property of the Guest from the Property during the Rental Period. The Company provide information and advice to the Guest in an advisory capacity only, with no guarantee or promise of security, even where the Guest make use of any advice given by the Company or its representatives. In the event that property of the Guest is lost or stolen, the Guest should advise the appropriate authority first, and then the Company, of the lost or stolen items. The Company will either make good and secure the Property, or will transfer the Guest to another Property, where the original cannot be secured, and this will be the extent of its liability to the Guest under such circumstances.

 c.)The Company or its representatives may enter the Property at any time, without notice, for the purposes of protection and/or maintenance of the Property. Wherever possible, the Company will provide notice to the Guest prior to such entrance.

 d.)The Company and/or the Owner accept no liability for personal loss or injury to the Guest during the Rental Period. The Guest must ensure that they have adequate insurance coverage. The Company provide information and advice in the Home-Manuals to the Guest in an advisory capacity only, with no guarantee or promise implied.

 e.)The Tenant must ensure that Children are supervised at all times. It is the policy of the Management Company that all Children under the age of 18 years are not left in rental accommodation un-supervised during the rental period.

 f.)The Company and/or the Owner do not accept any liability for the acts or omissions of any agent. These include but are not limited to, airlines, car-hirecompanies, travel agents, ticket agents, home owners, or utility providers.

 g.)The Company and/or the Owner do not accept liability for failure of pool heat to provide adequate heating where pool heat is provided via an electrical heat pump,and where the outside air temperature drops below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Electric heating pumps do not operate effectively below this temperature, and failure of such devices to heat the pool is outside of the Company's control, and is regarded as an act of nature (see below).

 h.)The Company and/or the Owner do not accept liability for acts of violence, nature, fire, flood, war, civil disobedience, riot, or other force nature that may have a deleterious effect on the Guest.

 i.)The Company does not accept liability for removal of the Property from the marketplace, or transfer of the Property to another company by the Owner that results in the Property becoming unavailable for the Rental Period. Wherever such an event occurs, the Company will offer the Guest a suitable alternative accommodation of equal or better quality, subject to availability. In the event that the Guest refuses the offered alternate property, then the Guest may cancel the booking, and the Company will refund the Total Rental Fee.

 j.)Where the Property is booked by the Guest and is subject to a construction discount, which will be clearly notified on the quotation, or on the booking confirmation to the guest, the discount is the sole compensation offered to the Guest for any inconvenience caused by protracted construction, i.e., that which continues for greater than a 4 week period, within 150 feet of the Property.

 k.)Failure to comply with any of the terms herein will, at the sole discretion of the Company, result in the eviction of the Guest from the Property, without any refund.

  39.)  PARTIAL INVALIDITY: In the event that any provision of this Agreement shall be held invalid or unenforceable, such ruling shall not affect in any respect whatsoever the validity or enforceability of the remainder of this Agreement.

   40.)  UTILITIES: Guest(s) are responsible for the verification of the initial readings on the gas, water and electric meters upon arrival. The Property manager shall collect initial numbers on the arrival date and collect departure readings on the departure date. The utility usage numbers and fees per unit are found below. Cumulative Amounts over the allotted usage will result in additional charges. Tenants are responsible for taking photos of utility meters upon arrival and departure. The readings performed by the Management Company will be the readings used for calculating overages. If tenants can provide photos which show discrepancies, parties agree to a resolution of averaging the two readings. 

 Allotted Water Usage Per Day: 1000 Gallons Per Day, $4.58/ add. 1k Gallons

 Allotted Electric Usage Per Day: 100 Kilowatts Per Day, .13 / additional unit

 Allotted Natural Gas Usage Per Day: 6 Thermal Units Day, $1.50 / additional unit

 Allotted  LP GAS (Propane)  Usage Per Day: 10 GALLONS PER DAY @ Market Rate

LP GAS Note 1: 100 LP Cubic Feet per Hour (ft3/hr) is equal to 2.8 Gallons per Hour (GPH)

LP GAS Note 2: LP Pool Heaters can consume up to 4.0 Gallon Per Hour

Pre-Heating the Pool Note: If the tenant request the pool heater is turned on prior to arrival via email and or phone, the tenant(s) utility allotment will begin prior to the tenants arrival and will most likely lead to additional charges.


a. Food may not be consumed in non dining areas and smoking is not allowed in the interior of property.

b.)The consumption of any alcoholic beverages or beverages in glass containers are prohibited in the pool and areas surrounding the pool.

c.) Also prohibited and considered inappropriate behavior are unauthorized pets, firearms, and or open fires.

d.)The property is not to be used for any group events and or parties without the written permission of the owner.

e.)Only individuals who have executed the lease and are listed as either tenants and or Guests are permitted on subject property. All others shall be considered trespassing by Owner.

f.)Tenant Acknowledges that each 'subject property' includes restricted areas which include entire closets, rooms guest houses  and or garages. Lessee is excluded from  access to all of these restricted areas. Lessor will furnish to lessee a list of restricted areas upon written request by lessee. Some properties may include guest houses and or designated rooms within the "subject property" where third parties may reside and live for purposes of maintenance.

  42.) Première Linen Service includes bed sheets which are at least a 600 thread count, higher quality mattress, mattress pads on all beds, a minimum of two pillows per person per bed , extra plush towels and at least four hand towels, four wash clothes and four bath towels per bedroom and two pool towels per bedroom. You are not required to wash any linens and or towels upon checkout. (Not available on all properties)

Towel Service All properties where the premier linen service has not been selected by the client shall be charged a flat fee of 50.00 when the towels are not laundered with soap and fabric softner.

Basic Linen Service is any property which doesn't meet the Première Linen Service Standard. You are required to wash and dry all Bath, Facial, Wash and Pool Towels prior checkout. Failure to use Laundry soap and or Launder ,dry and fold all of the above stated towels will result in a flat $50.00 fee being charged to Lessee.



 Total Hand Towels:TBD on Arrival Date Price Per Towel $ 10.00

 TotalWashClothes:TBD on Arrival Date Price Per Clothe $ 5.00

 TotalBathTowels:TBD on Arrival Date Price Per Towel $ 20.00

 Total Pool Towels:TBD on Arrival Date Price Per Towel $ 20.00

 King Sheet Sets:TBD on Arrival Date Price Per Set $ 75.00

 Queen Sheet Sets:TBD on Arrival Date Price Per Set $ 75.00

 Full/Single Comforter Sets:TBD on Arrival Date Price Per Set $ 100.00

 King Comforter Sets:TBD on Arrival Date Price Per Set $ 150.00

 Queen Comforter Sets:TBD on Arrival Date Price Per Set $ 150.00

 Full/Single Comforter Sets:TBD on Arrival Date Price Per Set $ 100.00

 All parties are in agreement to the above stated replacement costs for the linens and wash items. Sheet sets and comforters will be replaced as a set only. If one item of the set is damaged, the entire set will be replaced. Customers are advised to lauder all visibly soiled items prior to check out to avoid being charged. It is agreed, the 'Management Company' shall have the sole discretion of determining if, when and who is the responsible party for a damaged and or discolored linen. All stained linens will be replaced regardless of the extent or size of stain. The customer will be notified about replacement costs upon check out and or no later than two business days from the departure date.



Some properties, titled in the name of a corporations, trusts and or a Limited liability companies may be restricted to the use of the "subject property" by at least one of the owners, members and or shareholders.  Said restriction, when applicable, maintains compliance  with insurance and  ordinances.  If the "subject property "is restricted in such a manner, each scheduled visit will require the presence of at least one owner, member and or shareholder.  A share in the subject property may be required to be purchased and may cost as much as $100.00. This share price does not include other usage costs.


You warrant that you are at least 18 years old and possess the legal authority to enter into this agreement in accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement. You agree to be financially responsible for the use of the 'Subject Property' as well as the rights and obligation associated with the execution of this agreement. Further for the use of your name and credit card account to pay for products and services purchased by members of your household, including minors accompanied by you at time of stay. You also warrant that all information supplied by you or members of your group in making this reservation are true and accurate.


Parties agree that the possibility of a malfunction with the subject property and or termination of the right and or ability to occupy the property is possible. Credits will be given and or monies paid back to tenant only if the property is considered inhabitable as defined by the landlord tenant laws of the state and the management company cannot find 'Alternate Housing'. 'Alternate Housing' is a property having an equal number and or greater amount of beds and the same general 'Amenities' . The same general 'Amenities' shall be defined as having a equal and or greater advertised rental rate, beds, a pool and spa, and a location no more than ten additional miles to Las Vegas Blvd.

Parties agree that Property Malfunctions such the freezing of the condenser motors caused by the tenant adjusting the air conditioning thermostat(s) by more than 4 degrees during a 24 hour period and or making ANY adjustments to the refrigerators thermostat(s) SHALL NOT be considered a property malfunction. The tenant further agrees to be financial responsibility for the remedy of a frozen condenser motor on a A/C unit and or refrigerator motor when they are at fault.


All bookings require a 50% deposit, payment at the time of booking. Final payment is due 30 days prior to arrival with the exception of those client who choose to pay cash upon arrival. All payments which are not received on their due dates shall result in the loss of customers reservation and initial payments and or deposits.


Cancellation of the Reservation 31 or more days prior to arrival will result in a Full credit which can be used over the next 12 months. Cancellation of the Reservation with advanced notice of 30 or less days prior to arrival will result in a loss of ALL monies paid to management company. All cancelled Reservations initiated TWO or fewer calendar days from the arrival date will be issued a full credit (not a cash refund) for cosmetic issues and a full cash refund for habitability issues. 

Tenants are advised to inspect properties thirty-one days or more prior to arrival.


No CASH refunds shall be issued for ANY REASON.


All guest are required to return the subject property in the condition it was upon arrival. Additional clean up fee's will be charged for cleaning that is not normal and reasonable use. No debris is to be left in and or around the home. THIS MEANS THAT THE PROPERTY NEEDS TO BE STRAIGHTENED, DISHES CLEANED, GARBAGE BAGGED AND THE OVERALL PROPERTY CLEANED PRIOR TO CHECKING OUT IN ORDER TO AVOID ADDITIONAL CHARGES.

  Most properties contain residential water heaters that have limitations, as low as 40 gallons, which limit the amounts of hot water that can be continuously provided. Owners don't guarantee a continuous supply of hot water. The lack of continuous hot water shall not be considered a factor when assessing the habitable of the 'subject property'.

Tenant understands that during periods of 85+ degree temperatures, properties air conditioning units may not be able to cool more than 22 degrees below the outside temperature. Tenant further understands and agrees to the cost to remedy A/c units when client has made changes to the thermostat in increments more that 4 degrees during a 24 hour period. Large adjustments during a short period of time cause a condenser motor to freeze and the air conditioning units to blow hot air.

Tenant agrees NOT to make any adjustment to the thermostat(s) on the refrigerator(s) and or freezer(s) AND WHEN ADJUSTMENTS ARE MADE THE TENANT AGREES TO THE COST OF REPAIR WHEN CONDENSER MOTOR(S) FREEZE.


A family unit is defined as a person living alone or any of the following groups living together as a stable single housekeeping unit and sharing common living, sleeping, cooking, and eating facilities:

A.         any number of related people and no more than two unrelated persons;

B.         six unrelated people; or

C.         two unrelated people and any minor children related to either of them.

A family unit does not include any society, club, fraternity, sorority, lodge, organization, or group where people come and go on a transient basis or where the relationship is merely based on a commercial basis; rather, the composition of a family unit must be sufficiently stable and permanent and of a demonstrable bond characteristic of a cohesive family unit.  The size of a family unit is subject to the maximum dwelling unit occupancy set forth in Section 19.5.3.A.1. of Henderson Municipal Code  For purposes of this section, “related” means by blood, marriage, adoption, guardianship, or other duly and legally authorized custodial relationship.


52. Incidental Costs Agreed to in Advance

Customers and Owner have agreed to the following replacement costs, charges and or additional cleaning charges from acts of customers and or their guests.


The greater of either the actual cost of replacement and or the amount found on the property inventory sheet.


Bodily fluid and or stains will be charged at a rate of $ 250.00 per room where spills are present.


Smoking in the interior of the home will result in a per room charge of 250.00.


A fifty dollar fee will be charged for Cigarette butts found in the front and or rear yard of 'subject property'


A one-hundred dollar fee will be charged for each occurrence where the Chlorine dispenser has been removed from the pool water, the automatic pool cleaner has been removed and or the pool pump has lost it prime. 


A $100.00 dollar Set Up fee will be charged to tenant if any changes are made to Internet router settings.


A flat $400.00 cleaning fee will be charged for each unauthorized pet housed at 'subjectproperty'.


A $100.00 fee shall be charged for all furniture which has been moved and or altered in any way.


Tanning oil film on the pool water surface will result in the actual cost of water replacement and a service charge of 150.00 10. Oil droppings on the drive way and or Garage will result in a 250.00 acid wash fee and or the actual cost to restore and or repair the finish.


A fee of 250.00 for each vehicle shall be assessed on a per day basis  for any unauthorized car(s), trailer(s) and or Recreation Vehicle(s) which have been parked without authorization at and or near the subject property.  The allotted vehicle amount and authorized vehicle(s) amounts can be found on the rental agreement.  All parties agree that a picture by the management company shall be sufficient evidence of such occurrence. Tenant(s) have granted to management company complete discretion on the assessment and validity of this charge .

An additional charge of $10.00 per occurrence will be charged to the tenant for each credit card payment which declines for any reason.

53. First Night Cost(s)  


All parties agree the total cost for the first night shall be 50% of the total agreed to reservation amount for reservation of two or more nights. This is due to cleaning, setup and management fees which are incurred by the owner on a per reservation basis. 

54.Conflict in the Terms and Conditions

In the event of a conflict in the terms and conditions, these Terms and Conditions shall be the prevailing terms and conditions. These Terms and Conditions prevail over ALL situations and scenarios where the conditions, cancellation policies and or other terms found on other third party websites such as VRBO.com , HomeAway.com and Airbnb.com conflict. This is without exception and regardless of the when terms and conditions were accepted. All tenants are required to accept the local property managements Terms and Conditions as the prevailing Terms and Conditions.

55.Lock Malfunctions

In the event there is a malfunction of the lock, Tenants are hereby instructed to contact the management company via phone and email. If after 60 minutes there is no response, Tenants are authorized to call an emergency locksmith to open the door. Owner agrees to pay for said expense up to 300.00 (Three-Hundred Dollars)US Dollars.

56. Party Buses, Taxi Cabs, Uber, Lyft, Limousines and Party Rental Delivery Vehicles and Suppliers

In the event that hired transportation is utilized at the subject property, tenants are hereby directed to use the driveway for pickup and drop off not the street to avoid disturbance to the neighbors.  Additionally, Any vehicle holding seven or more persons and or delivering any rented equipment are required to be the approved by the property owner and or the managment company prior to delivery, drop off and or pickup. Failure to follow any of the above directions will result in the loss of your security deposit including the authorized deposit amount. 


I authorize AA and Associates Inc. and or Crystal Properties to charge my credit card a non-refundable "initial charge" fee , "other amount due" and optional amount due for the leasing of the "subject property" and to bill my credit for all incidental damages of the "subject property" while the property is in my possession. All charges shall be based on the "Property Liability Agreement" which has been emailed. Authorized charges includes any and all damage charges to "Subject Property" (as determined by Managment Company ) while the property is in my possession regardless if I am the cause of such damages. I further authorize AA and Associates Inc. and or Management company to pre-authorize a charge in the amount of the "Security Authorization Amount" Listed on the "Property Liability Agreement" as a security deposit. This pre-authorization will be authorized on the arrival date and only charged for incidental damages and or misuse's of property per the "Property Liability Agreement". All parties are severally and jointly liable . All amounts paid are non refundable. I acknowledge that I have read the complete "Property Liability Agreement" and have agreed to the electronic submission and acceptance of the "Property Liability Agreement" by selecting yes below.

  I agree to these terms and condition