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Our reservation and payment policy requires half of the rental amount to hold the reservation and the remaining half is required to be paid within 30 days from the start date of the reservation. You can pay with a visa, Discover, Mastercard and or by check.  Additionally, most owner will accept up to 50% to be paid in cash upon arrival. An additional fee of 5% may be charged on certain sales for merchant processing. 

At least one guest has to be at least 18 years of age, have proof of a valid government issued identification and a valid credit card which meets and or exceeds the security deposit requirements.   


All rental contract will be drafted  within 48 hours from  the reservation request  and or web submission date.  50% of the total rental  is required prior to the drafting of the lease. All agreements have a rescission period of either 1 business day and or 5 calendar days. 1 business day will apply to all reservations which are made 30 or less days from the arrival date. All others will have 5 calendar days to review. A full refund will be given to all parties that cancel within the rescission period. Please fax all rescissions to 702-947-5769. 

We do not give out example agreements but you may preview all of the terms and conditions by clicking the link below and then clicking on "I agree to these terms and condition" which is located at the bottom of the page. This will display the terms and conditions which is exactly like the lease agreement except it doesnt have the exact rental amounts. All agreements are written specifically for each tenant and are a combination of the terms and conditions and the amounts listed on the reservation page.


  • The "Security Deposit" will be charged thirty days prior to arrival.
  •  The "Initial Charge" will be charged within 48 hours from the initial reservation date and is usually 50% of the rental amount.
  • The "Final Charge" will be charged approximately thirty days prior to arrival and is usually the remaining 50%of the total rental charge  plus the "Security Deposit" which is usually $250.00.


All Customers are charged a refundable deposit of  between $250.00 and $500.00 approximately thirty days prior to arrival. The deposit is usually returned no later than thirty days after departure and or within a week after all repairs have been fixed. The Security deposit is  $250.00 on most properties but can be set higher for event and at the discretion of the owner. 

Our Policy is similar to a most hotels. Upon arrival, we pre-authorization an amount called the "Security Authorization Amount" of at least  $250 and no more than $2,000.00 on your credit card. The exact amount varies with each property and can be found on the property details page for each property. This means that depending on the property, between $250.00 and $2,000.00 dollars of your available credit will not be available during your stay. The hold will be released  upon check out. Additionally upon arrival, your credit limit is verified and you are required to have available credit of $250.00 to  $2,000.00. This means at least one person and or a combination of persons have to have an available credit limit of $250.00 to $2,000.00 . All others will have to put up a cash deposit in an amount determined by the owner on a per property basis. 

We are a licensed property management company with the state of Nevada since 01/01/2001.  Our License Status can be independently verified on the state on Nevada website located at:


Note: Type in " PETER ANELLO "  under the broker name without the quotation marks to look up our License.

Each property is given an allotment for average Gas and utility usage. That means limited use and NOT unlimited. Pools and spas are not preheated unless you request the pool to be preheated. Upon arrival and or prior to arrival, you may choose to heat the pool and or spa to any temperature  (additional charges may apply when  heaters are requested to be turned on prior to arrival). Your allotment will start when the heaters are turned on not when you arrive. You may incur an additional charges based on your usage which is dependent on the desired temperature of the water and the ambient temperature of the outside air. If you exceed your allotment, You will be charged extra. We accomplish this by taking a utility meter reading upon arrival and or the requested  start time and then upon check out. All Properties shall require the customer to put up an additional cash deposit and or credit authorization equal to the cost of a full tank of LP Gas and or the maximum possible natural gas usage cost per day hereby defined as $150.00 per day.   

Pre-Heating the Pool Note: If the tenant request the pool heater is turned on prior to arrival via email and or phone, the tenant(s) utility allotment will begin prior to the tenants arrival and will most likely lead to additional charges and utility overages and a possible additional deposit .

Liquid Propane Pool/Spa Note: If  you will be heating the pool or spa, the tenant shall be responsible for notifying the management company via email at least five business days prior to arrival. Management Company will then make sure the Liquid Propane tank is at full capacity. Tenant will be responsible for daily monitoring the tank level and if necessary reporting the low level to the management company. Management company will then order a refill to avoid interruption of services. 

Pool and Spa Heating limitation Note: If  you wish to heat a pool you will most likely not be able to heat the spa simultaneously.  You will only be able to heat one body of water at a time and the pool heater will only heat about approximately 1 degree per hour and may not be able to heat the water more than 25 degrees therefore the pool may not be able to reach your desired temperature in cold weather.  


You will either be given a code to open a lockbox which contains the keys and or a property manager will meet you at the property for access. In most Situations you can proceed directly to the property. Access Information will always be sent to you at least 24 hours from your arrival date.
The local trash Service picks up twice a week. If you fail to drag the trash to the street and or leave more than 5 bags of trash, you will be charged a flat fee of 80.00 for pickup. Garbage Pickup dates will be emailed to you with your access instructions.

The Company will furnish a starter supply of most kitchen items such as garbage bags, paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap, laundry detergent and fabric softener. We do not provide fire wood, LP gas for BBQ's and or stationary heaters, hair dryers, shampoo and or kitchen spices. Items such as propane may be purchased for additional cost. 

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Personal Check and Cash Payments.

If you recently updated or edited your credit card information or added a new credit with us, a temporary charge of up to $1.00 USD may appear in your transaction history to verify that your card is valid and in good standing. The charge will appear as ‘pending’ and is automatically removed after we have verified your card. If the charge remains on your card after 30 days, contact your card issuer.


The cancellation of a reservation with thirty-one or more days advanced notice will result in our company issuing a full company credit . Cancellation of the Reservation with an advanced notice of one to thirty days prior to your arrival date will result in a loss of ALL monies paid with one exception. If the property can be rented to another tenant, You will always receive a full company credit.  

All cancellation requests received for Reservations which were initiated SEVEN or fewer calendar days from the arrival date, will receive  a cash refund ONLY for habitability issues as defined by Nevada Revised Statues.


The check in time is 2:00 PM and the check out time is 11:00 AM. Check in and out times are generally flexible based on availability. Due to potential reservation changes, we are able to confirm early check ins and late check outs 24 hours prior to arrival and or departure.
Most properties are eligible for rental guarantees up to  $5,000.00. These guarantees cover incidents such as  an accidental double bookings and or a major malfunction with the property. Please ask a representative for additional details.

When deficiencies are discovered in the kitchenware, the customer will have the sole discretion to purchase any needed items up to $50.00 per stay. Owner and or Management company will reimburse the client within 30 days from the departure date contingent upon the customer communicating via email a  receipt for said items.

Each property is professionally cleaned upon arrival and departure. The arrival and departure cleanings are included in the price of your rental. Additional cleanings shall be subject to additional charges. 

The customer will have the sole discretion to determine weather the property was cleaned to his or her satisfaction. If the customer feels the cleaning is inadequate, the third party cleaning vendor will provide additional cleaning at no additional cost and until it is satisfactory to the customer. No cash refunds will be given for cleaning deficiencies.

The  company has a few of all the above stated items. Please do not reserve a property based on the guarantee that we will be able to provide any of the above stated items because the quantities are limited. contact us a week prior to arrival to reserve and or check availability of any of these items. 

The company will always quote you a price that includes all charges EXCEPT the refundable "Security Deposit" of $250.00. There are two possible ways to incur an additional charge: 1.) Break something 2.) Exceed one of the utility allotments.

We don't give out the exact address on a property location until the customer has provided the company with a valid ID and has paid the required "initial charge" .  Each property listing contains an intersection map which identifies the approximate location.The "initial charge" is usually  fifty percent of the total rental amount. 

Note: Some owners may restrict the release of the exact address and  location to the Monday prior to arrival. 

The limousine services are all additional costs and are not affiliated with the company. They are third party services's. The company has agreements with a few limo companies which give us discounts in which we will pass on to you. Please contact the company after you make a reservation and someone will get you with a quote. You will need to know the times of pick up and drop off and or if your interested in renting by hour the exact date and times your interested in.